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Food Intolerance Testing

A simple, finger prick blood test carried out by you in the comfort of your own home can help you find which foods you are currently intolerant to. Having this personalised knowledge can unlock the potential to eliminate unwanted symptoms and improve the health of your gut and immune system. If you are struggling with symptoms such as Fatigue, Bloating, IBS, Weight Issues, Psoriasis or Migraines these can be cleared. I will support you to safely reduce the foods you are intolerant to whilst ensuring you are eating a nutrient rich diet that will provide you with the nutrients a healthy body requires to thrive.


Health MOT

A Health MOT is designed to help you go deeper into your current health status, helping you understand where nutrient deficiencies and areas of your physiological health might not currently be at optimal health. Combining the results of a Food Intolerance Test and a Well Woman Blood Panel test, we analyse your personal results and set intentions that will make your food choices work for you. You have the option to build upon your results with my guidance to create a personalised meal plan to get you started with taking dietary action.


Feasting, Fasting & Cycle Mapping

Ever wondered why you crave more carbs just before your period or have endless energy, mental clarity and feelings of joy between day 1 leading up to ovulation? Select a Fasting & Cycle Mapping 90 minute session, and I will teach you how to apply cutting edge nutrition techniques to suit the hormonal and nutritional needs of your monthly cycle. Supporting your production of Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone is vital to eliminate unwanted symptoms associated with the natural fluctuations of theses sex hormones throughout your cycle. Nutrients from the food we eat, play one of the biggest roles in hormone production and I want you to be fully equipped with the knowledge to sail through each phase.


Corporate Nutrition

Sharing my nutrition knowledge to as many people as possible is my main goal. If I can thrive every day, nourishing my body with the foods that will energises me, improve my concentration and wellbeing I know you and your team can do that too. Contact me to discuss bespoke webinars and workshops, to help educate and support the wellbeing of your workforce.

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