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Food Intolerance Testing

Find out which foods you are currently intolerant too. Eliminate unwanted symptoms and start your journey to improved gut health and optimum immunity. We support you to safely eliminate trigger foods whilst prioritising a nutrient rich diet.

Health MOT

Want a deeper understanding of your current health status? By taking a Health MOT you will gain the knowledge of current food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies and which areas of your physiological health are not currently working at an optimal level. Let us help you thrive!

Feasting, Fasting & Cycle Mapping

Calling all women wanting to regulate and optimise your monthly cycle. Have you ever wondered why you crave more carbs just before your period only for this to disappear into a wonderful phase of endless energy, mental clarity and feelings of joy between day 1 leading up to ovulation? Hormones are wild but we don’t have to feel like we are on a hormonal rollercoaster.

Corporate Nutrition

Business owners, managers and team leaders, listen up. Provide your colleagues with the opportunity to improve their health & wellbeing and reap the benefits of energised, focused and happy people. Contact me to discuss bespoke webinars and workshops, to help educate and support the wellbeing of your workforce.

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About Me

I’m Natalie, Health Coach & Nutritionist. I help busy women get organised, energised and in total control of their hormones. Moving from feeling tired, sluggish and hormonally challenged to thriving, energised and living in tune with hormones just as mother nature intended.

Having focused on improving my personal health and the health of others over the past 15 years, I have built a successful approach, coaching my clients towards making sustainable improvements in their health. I work with you to understand your current health and dietary habits, having analysed 1,000s of food diaries I can pinpoint exactly where you are missing out on nutrient rich foods and where potentially too many anti-nutrient foods are lingering leading to unwanted symptoms.

Let me help you understand which foods provide the right nutrition for your body.

I feel in control of my health and I want you to know you can be the master of your own health, with the knowledge and confidence to live a healthy lifestyle.   



“I gained a great deal of knowledge around what constitutes ‘good’ nutrition and Natalie dispelled much of the confusing advice that I had been given or read about in the past. I learnt what I should be eating to support my individual requirements and how I could make it sustainable by minor recipe changes.  Natalie understands the real world and the temptations that offers so is very understanding in her approach. Natalie is extremely supportive and flexible and definitely knows her stuff! I highly recommend the programme Natalie offers – it was an eye opener!”


“My energy levels are a lot more stable, I’m sleeping better, my skin has a glow and my hair has become thicker. If you want to retrain yourself about what a real whole food diet, is Natalie’s guidance is fantastic and personalised which helps you ensure it fits into your lifestyle.”


“I have so much energy compared to before. I no longer take any medication and I can manage my IBS far easier. I just feel so much better and seeing the results confirmed what I was feeling. I no longer need those sweets or coffee in the afternoon. I just feel me again. Natalie was extremely supportive. It is like having a close friend guide you through your journey. Everything is done at a manageable pace so easier to make the changes and stick with them.”


“Natalie listened to the issues with my ‘diet’ and created a plan that is not only healthy but more importantly for me, sustainable. I now eat all of the right foods, never feel hungry and have lost around 7 pounds without even trying. The plan is structured around my training so I’m getting the right nutrition at the right time on the right day. Natalie is accessible, very knowledgeable about current trends and supportive. If you are looking to make a real change, I highly recommend her services.”


“I was really struggling with weight loss despite being very active and believing that I was eating relatively healthily. I was also struggling with poor concentration and feeling tired a lot of the time. Natalie organised for blood work and got me to do a food diary. Both were really helpful in seeing where I was deficient and on lower levels for certain vitamins and where I was quite carb and processed food heavy in my diet.

I am thrilled to have worked with Natalie to gain a greater understanding of healthy fats. I have changed so many cupboard foods, this benefits the whole family and above all I feel better in myself and have started to shift the weight.” 


“I lost 5lbs in weight, the hormonal acne on chin cleared up, my energy levels increased, I feel less fatigued and less bloated. I feel fuller for longer so don’t need to snack, I don’t think constantly about my next meal, I have more energy, I feel better about myself physically and mentally. 

Overall, I feel more positive about my health.”

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